Guarantee for 5 years!! The question is not about an industrialized product made in Germany or Japan but about your own real estate. If this sounds new to you, just call us. If it does not touch you, or you just wish for something cheap and fast, you can call a random workshop.

We will prepare for you a really analytical tender dossier before signing contractor agreements and starting the project. And finally we will undertake to keep the timetables of delivery of the project with raised clauses.

Weekly electronic report of works από from the workers’ wages to the quantities of materials that were placed accompanied by the delivery notes, the invoices, photographic documentation etc. in order to have full control of the work no matter where you are.

In 2002 our office had already gained enough experience in supervising private and public works and so a small team of experienced engineers was created, who, in close cooperation with high-quality building workshops and accomplished contractors, managed in a short time to obtain from simple credits to dithyrambic comments by satisfied clients in the field of constructions. All addresses of projects and clients’ phone numbers (from Greece to Switzerland, Australia & Abu Dhabi) are at your disposal.

Today we have the expertise and the infrastructure to undertake and complete complex metallic or composite constructions in industrial buildings to repairs in bearing structures of reinforced concrete with metallic or/and polycarbonate materials.

Another important part of our activities is the repair of damages on buildings caused by rising damp without external trenches-excavations etc. along with repair of the carbonation of the concrete.

We will manage to come up with a final solution with a five-year guarantee when all other efforts have failed.

 When we construct, no matter what we construct, our mind remains in the relationship we build up between us