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From the architectural draft design of the building to the supervision of landscaping in the surrounding area we always devote the needed time to the developer so that the result fully satisfies him/her and is at the same time architecturally innovative and technically perfect. By taking advantage of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) which we first applied in the office in 2005 the developer has full control of every minute detail of the project.

We carry out thorough inspection of your property for possible illegal constructions and not just processing and conformation to the law with ‘grey’ areas and doubts about its legality with any future consequences this could have on your property. The scientific training of our civil engineers along with knowledge of the great volume of the relevant legislation will ensure the protection of your property.

Through our complete material infrastructure and certified scientific training (ITC- Infrared Training Center) we will identify possible problems existing in your property Read more

Engineers of our office will design and analyze in detail the shell of your building and its electromechanical installations and will suggest the ideal solution for accessing the program so that the percentage of your participation has the fastest and best capital amortization.

Mr. Nikolaos Dimopoulos’s long experience in conducting expert evaluation and our collaboration with accomplished lawyers will decidedly contribute to finding the fairest outcome of your judicial fight.

Using the most advanced computer models our office issues detailed proposals on the energy upgrading of buildings. Read more

Architects of our office specialized in interior decoration together with you will come up to the best and most economic option for the renovation of your business. The study on the energy upgrading of your building will be free for you in our collaboration.

An architect of our office and our agriculturalist will visit your terrace and then will present you the benefits of the planted terrace in the urban space and will inform you on the existing legal framework. We hope to persuade you… for the sake of all of us!


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